Air Balance

Our technicians use specialized equipment to identify hot and cold spots in your spaces and adjust as necessary to create a comfortable and productive work environment.

Boilers and Cooling Tower

We perform repairs, refurbishment and replacement.

Boilers and cooling tower

HVAC Condition Report

Tungsten technicians conduct a detailed evaluation of your HVAC systems which includes: Logging the model, serial numbers, age and condition of all HVAC equipment; starting up and verifying equipment operation, recording supply/return air temperature, amp draw on motors/compressors. Checking condition of capacitors and contactors; performing visual inspection of ductwork and mapping the unit zones with thermostat locations.

Tenant Improvement

We work with building owners, property managers and general contractors with the demolition and installation of their existing and new HVAC systems.


We provide HVAC Replacements, Retrofit’s and New Installations on all Commercial and Industrial Brands for the Following Equipment:

  • Water source heat pumps
  • Rooftop package units
  • Split systems and ductless mini split systems
  • Exhaust fans, evaporative coolers and make up air units
  • Data/computer room air conditioning, humidification and dehumidification
  • Chillers and chilled water air handlers
  • Cooling tower refurbishment’s and boilers
  • Condenser, evaporator, spray and system pumps
  • Variable frequency drives
  • VAV box and reheat coils
  • Sheet-metal and ductwork installation
  • Pelican Wireless System
  • Johnson Controls Facility Explorer
  • JCI Verasys

Planned Maintenance

We provide HVAC planned maintenance, service and repair on all commercial and industrial brands.

Centrifugal Chiller Maintenance…Annually inspect refrigerant systems and electrical systems.  Inspect and record how the components of the system are operating. Remove condenser head and brush tubes, and chemically clean the condenser tubes as needed.  Cleaning of condenser coils.

Cooling Tower Maintenance…(4) scheduled inspections/year.  All components are inspected and a recording of our findings provided to customer.  Cleaning of the float valve and lubricating bearings, as needed. Periodically, clean tower strainers and water sump.

Air Handling Equipment Maintenance…All components are inspected and a recording of our findings provided to the customer.  Lubrication of shaft and motor bearings, as needed. Annual clean out of p traps with condensate pan tablets installed.

Exhaust Fan Maintenance…Lubricate bearings and linkages, as needed.  Inspect all components and recordings of our findings are provided to the customer.  Belts are replaced annually.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance…Spring start up includes rinsing and cleaning out water reservoir and distributor, setting the float level and lubricating blower motor and bearings.  Belt replacement is also done in the spring. Fall shut down includes cleaning, draining, flushing out and unplugging unit, also known as “winterizing”. Reports and inspections are taken during each visit and provided to the customer.

Packaged Unitary Equipment Maintenance…(4) scheduled visits are performed each year of the contract.  Each visit includes visual inspection and reporting of our findings provided to the customer. Filters are replaced at each visit.  Belts and chemical cleaning of coils is performed on an annual basis.


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